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IAPP Foundations of Privacy and Data Protection is a comprehensive training course to quickly teach privacy fundamentals to organizations and individuals. It is available in three modalities - 100% Online, Live Online with a trainer or in person at a training center.

The curriculum written by IAPP Foundations experts details the legal and regulatory frameworks for privacy protection. It describes common business processes and illustrates workplace confidentiality through case studies and real-life examples. IAPP Foundations also teach a common vocabulary that helps communicate privacy issues clearly between professionals and across organizations.

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IAPP Foundations for Organizations

Through IAPP Foundations training, organizations can cultivate in-house privacy knowledge in operational areas with increasing privacy responsibilities, such as marketing, human resources, technology, and finance. Training modules can be delivered through learning management systems for easy integration into existing training programs.

IAPP Foundations for Individuals

Confidentiality responsibilities can land on a professional's desk without warning. Basic training provides ready-to-use knowledge that can be implemented immediately.

For professionals considering privacy as a career, IAPP Foundations is excellent preparation for advanced IAPP training and certification testing. This is the first step towards building the credentials needed to become a privacy professional.

Learn from the experts

The Foundations program combines theoretical and practical instruction in fundamental privacy concepts, legal models, and emerging issues. Its seven learning modules are:

  1. Key Privacy Concepts

  2. Fair Information Practices (FIP)

  3. The data lifecycle

  4. Model Data Protection Legislation

  5. Main privacy and data protection laws

  6. Case studies

  7. Emerging topics

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