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Master the GDPR and European data protection laws


European data protection takes into account pan-European legislation and regulations, as well as industry-standard best practices for institutional compliance.

Course participants will gain a comprehensive understanding of:


  • Enforcement of confidentiality at European level

  • Key privacy terminologies

  • Practical concepts regarding the protection of personal data as well as the transfer of cross-border data.

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Why choose the European personal data protection training?

The GDPR along with the data protection laws of each European nation are the strictest regulations in the world, involving significant penalties for the improper use of personal information.

The training offered by the IAPP on data protection, in accordance with the ANSI / ISO accreditations for CIPP / E certification, focuses on the understanding and application of the laws governing data collection as well as the processing and management of these.

Who is the training for?

The training is aimed at European and international privacy professionals managing or working with GDPR and European national security executives as well as people following the CIPP / E certification. The IAPP European data protection training meets GDPR requirements for DPOs (Data Protection Officers) responsible for monitoring compliance, managing data protection activities, etc.

The objective of the training

CIPP / E training consolidates a deep understanding of European laws, regulations and policy frameworks.


The course includes:


  • Explanations about regulatory structures

  • Data protection concepts

  • Main laws including GDPR and e-privacy directives

  • And more


While not purely a ‘test prep’ course, these trainings are appropriate for professionals who plan to certify, as well for those who want to deepen their data protection knowledge. Both the training and the exam are based on the same body of knowledge.

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